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About Us

What is “Padaura” and why does it exist?

Have you ever found yourself lost in the endless search for the perfect piece of furniture online, clicking through countless websites, overwhelmed by the choices yet unable to find exactly what you want?

Padaura emerged from this very frustration.

We exist to revolutionize the way people shop for furniture online. We bring together extensive product catalogues from over 50 UK retailers, sorted and categorized by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This means when you search for a “Black and Gold Glass Coffee Table with storage drawer” you get exactly that – a results page full of tables matching your specific criteria.

Welcome to – The UK’s first genuine furniture discovery platform.

Our Mission

Redefining Your Online Furniture Shopping Experience

Our mission at is to streamline the online furniture shopping experience. 

We aim to eliminate the hassle of browsing through countless websites, instead offering a one-stop platform where your ideal furniture finds you.

By harnessing the power of AI, we bring you a selection tailored to your exact needs and preferences. 

Our goal is to make furniture shopping not just efficient but enjoyable, helping you transform your space into a reflection of your personal style with ease, efficiency and confidence.

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Padaura Success Story

Our Story

The Journey from Concept to Reality

In the Summer of 2023, our founder was looking for a Rattan Bar Stool with a Swivel mechanism to sit nicely at his family breakfast bar.  A simple enough web search, right?  Unfortunately not..  Google Shopping didn’t recognise the swivel requirement, and existing comparison websites just spat out a random array of non-rattan swivelling bar stools and non-swivelling rattan bar stools (there’s a song lyric there somewhere!).  Around 4 hours/weeks/days later, after giving up his dream of being able to spin around and look upon his to-this-day unfinished garden and settling for that static option, was born.

Our Responsibility

Commitment to Editorial Integrity and Environmental Consciousness

  • Editorial Transparency: Presenting unbiased listings, ordered by popularity or randomness, without favouritism.
  • Quality Content: Offering well-researched, informative blogs and guides on interior design and furniture trends.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Minimizing digital carbon footprints and partnering with environmentally conscious tech providers.
Padaura Responsibility
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How Padaura Makes Money

Sustaining Our Service, Reinvesting in Your Experience

Our mission at is to enhance your furniture shopping journey without any cost to you. Here’s how our monetization works, ensuring the service remains free and continually improving:

Affiliate Partnerships for Sustainability: We partner with various UK furniture retailers. When you purchase an item through our platform, we receive a commission at no additional cost to you. This approach is the cornerstone of our revenue model.  Read more about this in our Affiliate Disclosure.

Commitment to Impartial Listings: We prioritize fairness in our listings. Products are ranked based on popularity or presented randomly to maintain unbiased recommendations. We do not promote one retailer over another.

Reinvesting in Your Experience: Every penny we earn is funnelled back into This reinvestment strategy is focused on enhancing our technology, expanding our offerings, and ensuring the highest level of user satisfaction.

Transparency and Trust: Our financial model is built on transparency. We openly share this information because your trust is vital to us. We are committed to maintaining an honest and open relationship with our users, ensuring you always have the best experience on our platform.

By choosing for your furniture needs, you support our continuous effort to offer a superior, cost-free service that constantly evolves to meet and exceed your expectations.

Connect With Us

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We invite you to be part of our journey. 

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Your feedback and suggestions are not just welcomed; they are integral to our growth and improvement – So please do let us know what you think about our platform or anything else by emailing us at:

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